European International Arbitration Review seeks case note submissions

A new journal called the “European International Arbitration Review” is seeking case note submissions . The Review is published twice yearly around May and November. The Case Notes section constitutes a panorama of state court case law from around Europe touching upon or in relation to arbitration. The Review’s editors intend to procure as many case notes as possible for each edition of the Review. It intends to publish submissions from lawyers on case law developments in North, South, East and West Europe, as well as supranational/international case law developments (e.g., Court of Justice of the European Union, European Court of Human Rights) from time to time, to ensure as wide and balanced coverage as possible. Typically, there shall be 4-5 case notes per issue, ideally one report from each geographic area and, where appropriate, from the supranational/international arena as well.

The inaugural issue of the Review examined State support for arbitration (“arbitration-friendly” legislation, court judgments, etc.) and how this contributed to the creation of a self-contained system of international arbitration. In the November 2012 edition, the editors wish to examine the flip-side, namely, attacks by States on the scope/sphere/nature of arbitration through court judgments or legal proceedings before State courts in the interests of protecting higher systemic interests, such as ensuring the observance of fundamental principles of due process, etc (national level and EU level) or the uniform application of EU law, or for other reasons.

Young ICCA members interested to contribute to the second issue of the European International Arbitration Review, are invited to submit a case note touching upon or in relation to this issue. If this is of interest to you please submit in the first instance an abstract of 250-400 words in length by 15 September 2012 to editors Tim Foden (at and John Gaffney (at, following which the editors may invite you to submit a full draft case note by 1 October 2012.


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